Blogging is Dead Unless We Unite

I want to take a minute and be really serious. I hope you will look into what I am writing in these next few short paragraphs. Blogging is Dead Unless We Unite. We need each other. I am making great money on the internet, and I want you to make money as well. I want to help you make your life better for you and your family.

The problem is on the net most people won’t. Blogging and the internet has changed. It is still changing. You are being left behind. Very few people getting into blogging will make money. Sad but true.

This is the truth. The internet has been what I will call almost a monopoly. There are a few major players which take on the face of companies and networks. These networks have become so large they can launch any site and within a few weeks be at the top of the search engines. These search engines are of course the main driver of customers (readers) to websites.

The little guy will almost always get shoved out in the end. Not even the end but before they normally get started. I have established myself well enough that I can survive but can you?

I have a solution. I am proposing something and I want you to really think about it. Are you ready to increase your chances of success or do you want to take the low odds? You can put the odds in your favor. I am offering you a better chance.

If we work together. We can make it. If we come together and form a large blogging team we can do this. I am not sure all the details of this team but I have many ideas. When this team is assembled it will be like a blogging network a team of people working together to take on the large blogging companies. We will be a loose knit team of website owners achieving success together.

Are you ready? Take some time and think about what I am offering. I am offering you a much greater chance of success. You don’t have to give up a thing. All you have to do is be committed to the team. Together we can make a better internet while making ourselves a good income and a better life for our families.

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  1. Save Money - Jake Rinard says

    It sure sounds like it doesn’t it? I am thinking more on the lines of a team of people that forms a loose knit network.

    There are a handful of top blogging networks out there. These are turning into major companies.

    What I want to start is a group of people bonding together by our affiliation. We promote the network much like an Alliance.

    This way we grow together like a blogging network, yet we are individual enough to reap our own benefits as well.

  2. says

    Well, I would definitely like to join. I think it’s a great way to go. Email me if you’re serious about going ahead with it, and we can work on recruiting others to join too.

  3. Save Money - Jake Rinard says

    Definitely, even great networking like B5media can take any area they like.

    So I want to get about 10 – 20 of us that work together in an affiliation of sorts.

    Anyone on board?


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