Beat the Rush and Make some Bucks with 1 EZ Tip

Here is another amazing quick tip brought to you by This tip will bring you thousands of visitors. They won’t come immediately but sometime in the future. It takes some planning and a little work.

Here is my example:
A year ago on August 25th I decided to do a post on possible Future Nikon cameras. I wrote about the Nikon 300. There was no news from Nikon on this camera, but I rolled the dice and wrote a post about what the Nikon D300 may be. Here is the Nikon D300 Review that I did.

Then this past week when Nikon announced the Nikon D300 I was getting thousands of visitors a day for the search term Nikon D300. So I went in to the post and updated with the new valuable information from Nikon.

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Do you see the tip here? Do some work ahead of time and blog about things that could be. This works really good with tech things but will work in almost any arena.

This work on my part done a year ago has results in almost 7000 unique visitors this week translating to some really decent blog earnings.Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing

So the tip is this: Do some work ahead of time. Research some products that could be coming out in the coming months. Beat the rush, and make some bucks.
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  1. Eric Watkins says

    I went to google and searched for the Nikon camera you are speaking about and see that you are on the front page. Great job!

  2. MoreMerchant says

    Thanks for stopping by John. It is great having your comments since you are so good at marketing. This tip has definitely worked for me.

  3. Constance says

    I am looking for a good superautomatic and I read your article. One of the machines I am considering is Saeco Royal Pro.

    Anyway, I am a novice with web tech and new tech. However, I am interested to know what you mean by making money through “blogging”. I was under the impression that blogging is like having a diary online.

    Please explain….I do understand that this is probably a simple question to you.


  4. says

    That’s a great idea. It sounds like it worked very well for you. Thanks for the tip!

    I did this almost by accident once before, with a book series. There wasn’t much to the page at first, but when you have the only page on a topic, it’s not hard to beat the competition for links. :)

  5. MoreMerchant says

    That is the way MNC. The results go away after awhile when the item actually comes out but the money earned and the new visitors that come are well worth it.


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