July 31, 2014

1 Quick Tip to get 1850 Visitors to Your Blog

I want to give you a quick tip to help get your blog off the ground. This is so simple yet almost never done. Get 1850 Visitors to Your BlogWhy not? Because it is a bit different than online marketers see as the norm.

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What is it you say? What is one of the first things offline companies get? You see I have set up 2 offline companies in the past few years that have been very successful. So I know that one of the first things you get is business cards. You get these before you run out and get desks, office space etc.

Why? Because word of mouth advertising that a business card gives is valuable. Online marketers / bloggers don’t do this very often. Now with technology business card are cheap so don’t waste anymore time.

Get FREE Business Cards to Promote Your Blog.

Get free business cards to promote your blog. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well I believe you can add more visitors to your site this way than any other way. Have a goal to give away 10 business cards a day, and you better believe that most of those will come. They come because they are interested. If you get half of these to come this will translate to 150 new visitors a month to your site. 1850 visitors a year! Many of these will come back many times resulting in thousands of daily views.

When people find out that I make more money on the net then they do working 40 hours a week, they are interested
. Imagine handing them a card so they remember. When they get home and empty their pocket, they will visit your site.

This tip is invaluable. If you want to drive your site to success, do it 1 business card at a time.

Get some free business cards for your blog promotion.
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  1. so thats offline marketing for online businesses, i came across a lot of articles before but never knew what it was…sounds interesting, will give it a go!

  2. Eric Watkins says:

    This is an invaluable tip. Thank you for everything you do on this site to help others succeed.

    I would like to do a guest blog post for you.

  3. I have done some posts about this and today link to a post I did awhile back. Offline marketing is over looked.

    Remember, if you build it, they won’t come. Successful blogging is 10% blogging and 90% marketing.

  4. This is a great idea. I’m going to try it. It makes perfect sense.

  5. Or you can make your own business cards with Photoshop, some cardstock, and a printer. That’s what I do, and it works.

  6. business cards/ post cards/ post it’s whatever is your style. I use post it’s whenever I send snail mail with my web address on it! :)

  7. MoreMerchant says:

    Great idea Christine. How does that work for you?

  8. Good idea. Business cards can be put anywhere and are very easy to hand out to almost anyone. Never thought of this myself, but will certainly keep it in mind.

  9. Oh i am so gonna get some of these cards

  10. It’s so funny that I just stumbled upon this, because the co-founders of my site and I just ordered business cards for our site.

    We thought it was practical, to leave them where we travel, but now I feel validated.




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